Stairlift PCB Repair

Do You have an acorn board with a charging or relay fault ? Or maybe a bison 80 with a feed fault, or maybe a meditek board that's totally dead, then M.R. Electronics is the solution.

Stairlift Boards can be costly to replace and sometimes a replacement may not even be available! . M.R. Electronics appreciate that a customers stairlift is a compulsory piece of equipment and that fast turnaround repairs are essential .

M.R. Electronics can repair Stairlift PCB's from all Major manufacturers and repair both AC and DC type boards .

We repair all electronic parts of a Stairlift system including the Main Control board , any associated Remote control and Reciever assemblies and Charging related circuitry.

We repair many stairlift pcb's such as the acorn 80 and acorn 180 with common F1 relay faults and all other faults. We also modify the Acorn 80 and Acorn 180 Over speed governor (OSG) sensor wires where the originals are prone to breaking after a period of time by fitting a thinner ribbon style wire and fixing to the board with epoxy resin.


We also repair boards from the following manufacturers :-

Acorn 80, Acorn 180, Acorn T700, Acorn T502, Acorn T460 and others.

and many others

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